This contains support for API v2.

Breaking changes

New Features

Bug fixes

  • Fix sxcu.__version__ printing displaying wrong version.

Other changes

  • Miscellaneous typo fixes.

  • Slightly improve language in request handler.

  • Changed the default user agent to contain a URL to this project.


  • Update for new API changes


  • Added OGProperties.from_json() method.

  • Fix broken Error Handler. It raises SXCUError when there is an error from server now.

  • Update API details. (slightly)


  • Rename og_properties to OGProperties.

  • Add support for discord_hide_url.


  • Introduced a logger class so that users can know what really happened. User’s can just set a logging handle and it will automatically write logs as in any other library.

  • Improved Interface with Requests. Instead of Directly calling it now logs them and goes through __client__.

  • Moved version to __version__ and added other meta data to it.

  • Now it handle’s server response codes. Previously it was rising JSON decode Error which was unexpected and could cause problems.


  • Fixed an issue in reading .sxcu file. (PR-10)

  • Fixed __version__ and removed a dependency.


New Features

  • Create a new logo.

  • Added a missing API method image_details().

  • Fix a bug due to subdomain parsing while using .sxcu files.

  • Add a missing endpoint of edit_collection().

  • Fixed a bug in create_link()

For developers

  • Added docs at

  • Added a few Tests.

  • Enforce formatting with pre-commit.

  • Added test Coverage

  • Linting For Pull Requests Added.


Initial release with basic structure.